How to Choose the Right Shoes for Your Wedding Suit


The suit's locked in, looking sharp. The tie is the perfect accent, a subtle statement. But hold up – what's going on down below? Don't let your footwear fumble the final play. Finding the right men's wedding shoes is about more than just covering your feet. It's the finishing touch, the detail that elevates your look from "nice suit" to "damn, that guy's got style."

So, how do you pick the perfect pair? Here at CODE by Gentry, we're all about helping you step up your game, and your wedding day is no exception. Let's break it down.

Consider the Ceremony's Setting

Your choice of shoes should complement the overall vibe of the wedding. A formal ceremony in a grand ballroom calls for a different approach than a beachside barefoot bash.

  • Formal Setting: Black Oxfords or Derbys are timeless classics for a black-tie or very formal wedding. Opt for sleek, polished black leather shoes and a clean silhouette.
  • Semi-Formal Setting: Brown Derbys or Loafers offer a touch of personality while still maintaining a polished look. Play with different textures – a rich suede Derby adds a touch of sophistication, while a burnished brown leather loafer keeps things classic.
  • Casual Setting: For a beach wedding or outdoor ceremony, ditch the dress shoes. Opt for stylish boat shoes or well-kept espadrilles. Just remember, "casual" doesn't mean sloppy. Choose a clean, well-maintained pair that complements your suit.

Match the Shoe to Your Suit

Now that you've considered the setting, it's time to think about how the shoes will interact with your suit. Here's a quick guide:

  • Black Suit: Black Oxfords are the safest bet, but for a more modern look, sleek black leather shoes can also work.
  • Navy Suit: Brown Derbys or Loafers in a rich shade like mahogany or cognac create a sharp contrast. You can also experiment with a darker brown Oxford for a more formal touch.
  • Charcoal Suit: This versatile suit allows for more flexibility. Brown Derbys or Loafers are still great choices, but you can also explore bolder options like burgundy dress shoes for a pop of color.

Don't Forget Comfort

It's your wedding day, but it's also a marathon – a long day filled with celebrating, mingling, and (hopefully) tearing up the dance floor. Don't sacrifice comfort for style. Here's what to look for:

  • Quality Materials: Opt for shoes made from full-grain leather or breathable fabrics. These will conform to your feet and provide better support throughout the day.
  • The Perfect Fit: Ill-fitting shoes will cause blisters and leave you yearning for the night to be over. Get properly sized – this might involve going a half-size up if you plan on dancing the night away.
  • Break Them In: Don't wear your brand-new shoes for the first time on your wedding day. Break them in a few weeks before to avoid any surprises (and blisters) on the big day.

Complementary Touches: Socks and Belts

The right accessories can elevate your look even further. Here's how to tie your shoes (literally and figuratively) to the rest of your outfit:

  • Socks: Keep it simple and elegant. Match the color of your socks to your pants for a seamless look. Avoid loud patterns or bright colors – let your shoes be the star of the show.
  • Belt: The belt should complement your shoes in both color and material. Brown leather shoes go best with a brown leather belt, and so on.

Injecting Some Personality: Adding a Touch of You

Your wedding day is a celebration of your love story, and your outfit should reflect that. While classic styles are always a safe bet, there's room to inject a touch of your personality into your shoe choice. Here are a few ways to do it:

  • Unique Materials:  Don't be afraid to explore different materials beyond leather.  A pair of textured woven loafers in a neutral tone adds a subtle touch of personality without going overboard. For a summer wedding, consider a pair of well-made espadrilles with a contrasting sole – a stylish and comfortable option that speaks to a relaxed and fun vibe.
  • Pops of Color:  A well-placed pop of color can add a touch of personality without sacrificing sophistication.  A burgundy tassel loafer with a navy suit injects a touch of unexpected flair, while a pair of brown Derbys with a subtle green stitching adds a hint of playfulness.
  • Patterns:  For the truly fashion-forward groom, a patterned shoe can be a bold statement piece.  Opt for a subtle geometric pattern on a Derby shoe or a classic houndstooth loafer. Remember, when choosing a patterned shoe, keep the rest of your outfit simple and clean to avoid looking too busy.

The key is to find a balance. You want to express yourself, but you also want to look polished and put-together.  With a little creativity and these tips, you can find the perfect men's wedding shoes that showcase both your style and your love story.

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How to Choose the Right Shoes for Your Wedding Suit

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How to Choose the Right Shoes for Your Wedding Suit