How to Organize Your Shoes in Under 30 Minutes: 6 Tips


Are your shoes taking over your closet or entryway? It's time to exercise control over your space by getting organized. 

If you want to learn how to organize your shoes, these six shoe organizational tips should do the trick in under 30 minutes. Say goodbye to shoe chaos and hello to a well-organized and stylish shoe collection!

How to Organize Your Shoe Closet in 6 Ways

When it comes to shoe organization, you’ve got several options. From containers to clearing out what you don’t need, these six tips can help you kick clutter in a flash. 

1. Store Shoes in Boxes

Whether you use the originals or dedicated storage boxes, storing each pair in shoe boxes is straightforward and practical. Easy stacking, killer organization, and no hassle. 

Bonus: Put a label on each box with the shoe type and color, and you can easily spot the pair you’re after without playing guessing games. 

2. Downsize Your Inventory

If your shoe collection starts to rival a small boutique, it might be time to consider downsizing. Take a closer look at each pair and ask yourself the tough questions—do you really wear and love them? If the answer is no, it's probably time to let them go. 

Establishing a limit on the number of pairs you keep can help. For example, maybe you stick to half a dozen pairs of everyday sneakers, a few pairs of boots, and so on. By setting boundaries, you'll be more selective with your choices, creating a well-curated shoe collection that reflects your personal taste and lifestyle. 

This makes it easier to know how to organize the shoes you really care about, too.

3. Break Out the Shoe Racks

Bring a practical and stylish flair to shoe organization with a sleek shoe rack. Whether you choose an over-the-door, wall-mounted, or freestanding rack, go for the one that suits your space and shoe collection best.

Consider grouping your shoes by style or occasion. You can get even more creative with the arrangement by switching up the direction of your shoes or organizing them by color.

Boom—you’ve just created a shoe display that’s not only a breeze to navigate but also adds a touch of style to your space.

4. Sort by Category and Color

Ready to kick your shoe organization up a notch? Categorize and color-coordinate your collection. Start by separating your shoes into different categories (hint: think athletic shoes, casual shoes, dress shoes, and boots). Then, within each category, line them up by color from light to dark or vice-versa.

This method makes your shoe collection a color-coordinated masterpiece and guarantees a quicker browse as you look for the perfect pair to rock any outfit. 

5. Hang in a Storage Bag

Low on space? Make a space-savvy move by keeping your shoes in a storage bag. These specialized shoe storage bags come equipped with individual compartments for each pair. Just hang the bag in your closet and say goodbye to cluttered chaos.

Make sure to choose a storage bag made out of breathable material to nix moisture buildup and odor. Hanging your shoes also ensures they keep their shape for the long haul.

6. Store Shoes in a Plastic Bin

Finally, if you have an extensive shoe collection or limited storage space, a clear plastic bin is your new best friend. Put each pair in its own plastic bag for protection and easy spotting. Then, neatly stack those bins in your closet or under the bed. Out of sight, but not out of style.

Tag each bin with its contents, such as "winter boots" or "summer sandals.” Clear bins allow you to see what's inside, so you’ll only have to open them when it’s time to swap out your shoes.

Unlock Your Style with CODE 

Knowing how to organize your shoes quickly is an art and a science, transforming chaos into a sleek and effortlessly accessible collection. 

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How to Organize Your Shoes in Under 30 Minutes: 6 Tips

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